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About Gizzomo

Gizzomo, is an iOS related website featuring the iOS Devices (System). An iOS Device is more or less a computer (the iOS System is based on the evolution of Mac OS X, with which it shares the Darwin Foundation, and is therefore a Unix operating system).

We use our tailor-made resources to provide our viewers with tutorials, documentaries, latest news and professional support services for the iPad/ iPhone/ iPod Touch. Users basically have a full coverage of all types of devices that are running the iOS System. Our ultimate goals are not only to provide users with a better understanding and analysis of their iOS Devices, but also to have them enjoy and experience the best of these products.

We sincerely hope that our users can explore the mysterious and extensive sides of their iOS Devices, beyond Apple’s limited functions, simply by using our resources. Therefore, our slogan is rather simply: Get familiar with your iDevices!

Gizzomo, the predecessor of iPhone.worldZh.Net; was first established by Skyz in 2009 in beta version. It was handed over to the Management Team of worldZh Group slightly afterwards. The worldZh Group is presently fully responsible for the management and the maintenance of Gizzomo.

Gizzomo is committed in maintaining its innovation and high-quality service level. We care about user-experience on our platform. Until now, we have operated different platforms to provide users with the latest news, tutorial documentaries, apps recommendation platform for iOS, just to name a few.

Advertising Benefits

Gizzomo delivers cutting edge technology content to a tech-savvy audience. Positioning your product before our readership through an advertising campaign is an intelligent way to target young demographic audiences, who have a high level of disposable income for technology-related purchases. Our well-integrated IAB units guarantee a high level visibility for your brand or message. We also offer custom advertising solutions such as site skins, interstitial, and other solutions that have huge impacts on your company. In simple words, promotion through Gizzomo brings about a win-win situation.

We invite you to peruse some statistics on our readership. Should you have any queries, please contact our sales team (details are in the last part of this rate card). We will be more than happy to clear all doubts.

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